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Today, nearly 77% of the population represent the first time home owners and another  fun fact is that they are all Millennials. They represent the people born between 1980 and 1995 and they are now on the cusp of becoming first time homebuyers.


Understanding Important Considerations In The Process:

With a wide range of homes for sale in Abbotsford, the millennials can be rest assured that there is a new home for everyone with prices starting at $300,000 only. However, buying a home can be a daunting process altogether and thus everyone buying their first home should keep the following considerations in mind before going through the buying process.


The first and foremost part of the process is to prioritise based on your long term plans and associated benefits of purchasing a house. As you take a step forward to start a mortgage and eliminate rents you are on your way to get something tangible in nature. A narrowed vision will help in taking your process into the right direction.


  • Property Type: Understanding which property type would best suit your needs is important. You can choose from a duplex, studio apartment, cooperative housing, condos, townhomes, or even consider multi-family buildings. Every available option comes with its own set of pros and cons which would be assessed better if you have your priorities set from the start.


  • Shortlist The Required Features: Total rigidity isn’t recommended, but yes you must have a set of specification in mind whilst making a purchase decision. Shortlist the features you would need in your house and be sure to keep your financial aspects in the mix, with each added feature- the cost of housing might increase. Some important feature considerations can include- neighbourhood size, layout of the home, appliances used etc.


  • Pre Approval: The best way to narrow down your home search is by getting a clear picture about the amount of money the lending institutions are willing to give you depending on your credit score and other related factors such as current outstanding debts, job tenure and monthly income. Good lenders will assist you in understanding how much you can afford and the necessary factors involved in the loan approval process.


The best way to get a mortgage is to become pre-approved for a home loan. Even a large chunk of sellers would prefer individuals with a pre-approval for a mortgage. Understand that once you are pre approved, the entire process becomes faster and easier.  For more information regarding credit scores, debt-to-income ratios and other related factors visit your nearest financial institution.


  • Save Enough Money: Even in case of sizeable mortgages you would be required to make a down payment of the total purchase amount- which is 20% in most cases. Always keep a large chunk of savings in the mix. Make sure you don’t end up broke after purchasing a home, keep some money aside for other related expenses when you move whilst keeping the basic necessities in mind.


  • Professional Assistance: Well qualified real estate agents will help you look for the right place within your stipulated budget constraints. They are aware of the ongoing trends in the market and can also assist you in purchasing property for equity purposes. They will not only help you in finding the right place, but will also assist in completing the necessary paperwork involved.


With a professional by your side you can stay clear of several pitfalls during the process. Feel free to explore a wide of options in Abbotsford, Aberdeen, Bradner, Sumas Mountain, Sumar Prairie and other nearby areas only at and take a leap towards becoming a homeowner. 



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Even if it isn't your first real estate purchase, the process itself is a daunting one with a wide range of emotions running rampant. Being educated and informed about the latest developments in the real estate market is probably the best way to be mentally prepared for the process. Places like Aberdeen, Bradner, Matsqui, Sumas and Abbotsford have multiple homes for their sale in respective vicinities and can create confusion for the first time buyer. 


Buyers are often bombarded with a lot of questions in their minds whilst thinking about going through the process and thus it becomes imperative to become informed about the many frequently asked questions to make the home buying process a seamless one. Here are some of the frequently asked questions at different stages of the purchase.


Q. Should I get in touch with a bank and get an idea before going out looking for a home?

A. Yes! Getting a pre-approval from a bank beforehand can expedite your home owning process to a great extent. Not only will you have a sense of security about the amount you would get, but it also adds greatly to your reputation while going house hunting. It also helps you to understand all the related costs involved in purchasing a home.


Q. Is renting a better idea than buying a place?

A. Now, this question's answer can a subject to various circumstances. You may find a cheaper accommodation on rent in a certain place. On the other hand if you're not planning to stay in the same place for a long time then it makes sense to rent. But buying a home is a long term benefit that not only gives you social security, but also adds immensely to your equity.


Q. Is it possible to find rent-to-own kind of property?

A. The chances of finding such a property are very rare and often negligible in some areas. However, even in cases when such an option is available it won't stand unless the terms of the agreement would favour the seller more than it would benefit the buyer. There is increased risk for the buyer here and one should expect putting a higher amount of money down at a higher rate of interest as well .


Q. Is it necessary to sell old home before buying a new one?

A. There is no yes or no for this question. Like everything else it has its own pros and cons. You may buy a home before planning to sell the old one, this would be an assurance that you have a property lined up for purchase before you decide to sell the old one.

On the other hand if you plan to sell your old house first and then look for a home, the process can be exhausting. It might take forever to sell your old home before you could become able to buy a new one. The best way is to have both deals going simultaneously in case you don't have extra money for a new deal and if both of them mature at the same time it would be a seamless transition.


Q. Is it important to have a realtor in the mix while buying a house?

A. Yes, it is highly recommended to have a good realtor in the mix as they have the ability to understand your needs perfectly and align them to find the best options for you within your stipulated budget. They will take you through a wide range of options  via different listings, such as mentioned on

The buying process is quite complicated and without a reputed realtor on your side it might become even more difficult as some sellers might take advantage of your lack of experience in the trade and quote unreasonable prices. 

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We've reached 2017 already? Are you asking this question right now? We all wish to own a home at some point in our lives and as the trend goes, lot of us had plans of buying a home in 2016. At least, a lot of us make efforts to do so, but there is an altogether different reality when it comes reaching a decision.

In leading places like Abbotsford, homes for sale listings have increased significantly and we can agree to the fact that it is a good time to purchase a home. If you were or are looking for a house for sale in Abbotsford then this article will help you determine why buying your own home makes sense as compared to renting one.

Here are some stellar reasons which will shed light on the benefits of owning a home and why you should consider it seriously.

  • Goodbye Rent:

It is always better to pay a mortgage rather than paying a rent and contributing to their mortgage payments. Take advantage of present day home finance plans that can even get you a loan at no money down if you have a good credit score. In fact, in some cases paying a mortgage could be cheaper as compared to the rent being paid.


  • Complete Freedom:

'Oi, don't paint the walls in green, ok?' said the grumpy landlord. No need to worry about such predicaments anymore. You will have complete freedom of transforming your home the way you want and whenever you want. From colours to extensions, you will have complete freedom to design your home the way you like.


  • Peace Of Mind:

No matter how good a landlord might be, they can sell your rented accommodation anytime they want. In case of such contingencies, you might end up paying higher rent looking for an accommodation urgently and increase your expenses manifolds. So why take a chance, say yes to a mortgage and attain security you deserve.


  • Friendly Interest Rates:

In the present scenario, lending institutions have a set of lucrative interest rates which can help you make some safe long term investments. Along with the interest rates, the property market is stable after a long time. The ever increasing prices have come to a more stable ground.


  • Presence In The Neighbourhood:

It is impossible to get a feeling of belongingness in a rented accommodation. if you are living with a family, you would understand how important it is to have a social circle and good neighbourhood.


  • Proud Homeowner Feel:

Nothing will make a person happier than owning a place to live in. No matter how big or small, your own home will add a proud feeling and make you feel accomplished. The pride adds greatly to your morale and gives you a social standing in the society.


Apart from the aforementioned benefits owning a home will make you independent and make for a brilliant investment. How? Here's how:

  • Safe Investment: The cost of land increases every year and purchasing a property creates an investment for the long run. You can always build some equity after making one property and go for another one.
  • Equity: Property helps you to build equity. It makes you financially independent and adds to eligibility for another home equity loan. The income generated thereafter can be used for  multiple purposes.


Therefore, if you are also planning to buy a home this year, visit

They have a vast portfolio and provide unmatched assistance to make your home purchase process a simple and memorable one. 

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