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Having your own condo is like a dream come true. You may have saved for several years before finally making a decision to buy a condo. Here are a few tips on how to style your condo and make it look stylish and premium from the inside.

  1. Clean spaces- Condos are associated with modern, spacious areas and clean spaces. Thus, large and clean space will make a condo look good and large. Try not to stuff too many furniture items inside the condo and you will have a stylish and clean space.
  2. Artificial lighting- By using artificial lighting in the right places, you can really transform the look of your home. Light lighting on the ceiling and bright lights on the open spaces like patios and balconies helps lift the look of the home.
  3. Colors- These days the colors best suited to condos are actually muted shades of neutrals like grey, beige, white and fawn shades. Try to infuse these colors as these are useful in giving a very royal and premium contemporary look to the interiors of your home.
  4. Wall designing- You can use some of the great wall designing available to have the walls of your home looking great and to ensure that they match up to the rest of the décor as well. Using wall textures and styles will help in wall designing and innovating.
  5. Water infusion- Infusing some fresh water into the interiors of the home really works wonders. This can be done with the help of fountains and small décor items that have water. This can actually also be done with the help of just taking a large bowl or well-designed basin and filling it with water and a few rose petals to have a stylish look in the home and have a fresh feeling about it.
  6. Dangling lights- Lights that are fixed have a stationary but dangling lights have a really mobile appeal when it comes to interiors. Dangling lights could be chandeliers, fairy lights, some kind of decorative and festive lights and so on. You can even mix and match dangling lights with stationary lights to make these look well matched and coordinated.
  7. Modular spaces- Use the space that you have in a modular fashion. This will help you have multipurpose spaces in your condo. You must prefer modular kitchen in place of a full kitchen and try to choose a stylish and modular bathroom than a dull and traditional one.
  8. Pictures and paintings- As condos are to be designed and decorated in the most contemporary fashion, it will be a good idea to have certain pictures and paintings in the home to deck up the walls. These pictures can either be family portraits or you could go for some paintings by great artists that will also show off your taste in modern art.
  9. Sculptures- Similarly, you may also choose sculptures to decorate the condo and give it a very unique and meaningful appeal. Your condo needn’t be boring or old fashioned. Stylish sculptures will make it look artsy and designer.

If you are looking for condos in Abbotsford, then the best people to consult will be The experts here will help you find the most affordable and most stylish condos in Abbotsford and you can then design and decorate your dream home in the best way possible. With, you can be assured of getting the best deals in the most pocket friendly prices and you will get the best advice related to property buying and selling here.

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Owning a home is a wonderful feeling and one wants nothing but the best for their new home. In this article we will take a look at some of the most interesting and easy home makeover ideas that will make you want to stay home and enjoy it to the fullest.


Swapping the wooden siding with fibre cement: The biggest advantage of fibre siding is that it is made to last and once installed it can stay the test of time for years to come. It comes in a wide range of shapes such as lap boards- both horizontal and vertical, shingles and batt styles. It is hard to distinguish from food and is a long lasting product that can handle weather changes well. It also suits paints and preserve the good look of the house for years to come.


Replace the roof of the home to a permanent or durable one: You can consider metal roofing as it is the sturdiest of the lot and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as well. The present day roofing options are abundant with choices like clay tiles, wood shakes and mimic slate. This roofing also protects against fire and it also qualifies the owners for an insurance. While you are at it, look for the baked on enamel finish products, also you should go for the rust-proof undercoating to live without fear of having a damaged roof anytime soon.


Change the flooring with laminated floors: Laminated flooring is the best way to have a low maintenance floor at home. You can do it yourself at a very nominal cost and the options available in the trade can give natural stone or hardwood effects without having to spend the actual amount. It is resistant to scratches, stains and repels moisture to a great extent. Laminated floors also hold their own well in varying temperatures and humid environments.


Opting for quartz countertops: One of the primary reason that the designers suggest quartz countertops in home is the fact they never stain. They are long lasting and are available in a wide range of colours. They also have many patterns to choose from and this makes quartz countertops a wise choice. They are tough and durable and also provide protection against scratches, microbes and stains.


Choose fibreglass for windows: Want something that it resistant to moisture and rotting? Want something that won’t just warp like the wooden products? Then Fibreglass is the perfect option for your home. Also, they come in appearance that looks just like wood and at a much lower price. It is stable and doesn’t warp evening during temperature changes. They are easy to maintain and thus a reliable option to for.


Composite decking: Composite decking is no longer the way it used it to be. Today it comes in awesome appearance of cedar, exotic woods or even redwood that resemble teak and walnut too. It is strong and doesn’t splinter. There is low chance of fading and no rotting occurs in the product as well.


Set up an irrigation system: Having a weather sensing irrigation system makes life easier and is also beneficial for the greenery around the house. It gathers information about the weather and irrigates the lawns as and when required. This helps save a lot of resources and adds convenience for the owner. When you are away the system can easily take care of all the plants in your lawn.


Now that you know how to maintain and modify your home it is time to find one. Visit today to find a large number of options starting at $300,000 only. 

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There are several factors that are involved in making any place a good opportunity for investments. These include the price of the properties, the overall real estate scenario, the resale value and so on and so forth. If you are interested in the Abbotsford real estate market and want to invest in it then you should definitely take a look at the following reasons that make the Abbotsford real estate market a good place for investment.

1. Possibility of having houses with acreage- Abbotsford is a great location in the Fraser Valley area where there is a possibility of buying houses and farmhouses with acreage. These farms have several advantages and one can use these to do full-fledged farming which will bring profits in the long run making the property an earning asset instead of being a liability.

2. Atmosphere- Abbotsford has a good and positive atmosphere around it and is a great place to have a home. The area is a clean area and the weather conditions are quite favorable. Thus, the area is a good place to reside in in the long run.

3. Farming benefits- Abbotsford is a place that is good for farming and has all the essential points that make it a great farming destination. You can run a thriving farm in the area and it will be beneficial and profitable for you.

4. Soil and land- The soil in the area is fertile and very good for farming different kind of plants and fruits. You can research the market and see what crops you want to sow and then you may farm the same crops if they seem profitable.

5. Education and amenities- The area is also great in terms of education and amenities. If you do plan to shift here with your family and you want to make this place your permanent home, then you would obviously be concerned about the education of your kids and their future. In Abbotsford, you can get access to good quality education on primary, secondary and middle level.

6. Job Opportunities- The area also has ample of job opportunities for people in all fields. This means that you can settle down here with your family and will be able to work too if you are looking for a job.

7. Food and Necessities- Fraser valley area is good for all kinds of necessities. This allows anyone to live tension free with their families and you can enjoy the benefit of the splendid area to live in.

8. Other amenities- Abbotsford is a good area for all other kind of amenities that you might be looking for in a good residential area for your property.

9. Culture and arts- The Abbotsford area is also a good area for culture and arts and this can be a great area for living with the whole family as it has a good cultural background that allows all people to prosper.

10. Resale value- As this is an upcoming property hub, it is a definite thing that the rate of properties is going to soar in the next few years. So, the resale value of your property is going to get better over time without a doubt.

If the Abbotsford real estate market interests, you and you are ready to invest in this area then you should get in touch with as this is the one address that will help you get your dream address. They will help you find the best property in Abbotsford in the most affordable price bracket for you.

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